How to start traveling more often

How to start traveling more often

I’ll be honest – this is a ridiculous question to ask but people still manage to keep asking it. So here are several ideas on how to start traveling more often.


Before any of my tips are reviewed, I just want to say that traveling is a matter of doing. How do people without any money manage to travel the world? With a huge willingness to make it work.

The whole travel industry is based on our passion to travel – to explore new places, new cultures, meet new people. And those who are really eager to make it work – do. No matter the background, the amount of the salary of anything else.

There are no specific secrets on how to start traveling more often. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking it one step further and making it happen.

How to start traveling more often

How to start traveling more often?

TIP #1 Start out small

Get into the habit of moving by starting out small.

Even taking more trips in your own country, exploring your city and going to the countryside can be a great way to start traveling more often.

Afterward, the next step is getting on the train or bus and going to the country on the other side of the border.

Then, take a short plane ride to a place nearby.

The more you move and explore new situations, the easier it will be for you to tackle longer trips to more exotic places.

If you’re not much of a traveler yet, don’t start with a 12-hour plane ride with an overnight stay in another country and 3 buses afterward. That can scare the shit out of people even after years of travel experience…


TIP #2 Get over your fears

Very often people are afraid of taking trips or traveling more just because of their fear of the unknown.

While you might feel like you’re the only person scared of purchasing train tickets abroad, missing your stop, getting your things stolen, getting lost, not having a place to stay, not being able to interact with people around you – you are not alone.

And there are TONS of more rational and irrational fears people have. Even those who travel on a daily basis still are still afraid. There are some fears we never get over!

This is another good reason why starting out small can help you big time. You should ease yourself into new surroundings, new people, new languages, new cultures.

Always remember – we all have started somewhere. And without getting over your own fears you won’t travel across borders either.

And you don’t have to be alone in this! Start traveling with friends who’d love to travel more often as well, go for a weekend getaway. Or find a travel partner that has the experience.


TIP #3 Save money in advance

The lack of money is yet another reason why people get stuck in their surroundings. But I see it as just another excuse.

First of all, there are TONS of ways to travel cheaply. And if you’re interested in staying at 5* hotels only, it’s your own problem. But if you’re up for exploring and enjoying new experiences, you should be able to make some compromises.

Here are some tips to save money for traveling if you’re bad at saving.

While you might not be able to save as much as you’d prefer, there still are many options you can opt in for:

  • Travel as a HouseSitter – get free accommodation in exchange of taking care of people houses, pets, plants, etc.
  • Use CouchSurfing to stay on people couches for free (and meet new friends!)
  • Live in hostels
  • Use the option to explore places with free tours and activities
  • Hitchhike when/where possible
  • Uses buses instead of planes

Money is NEVER an excuse. You might not always get exactly what you want, but there are options to review and chances to take either way.

But a mindful saving is the first step to assure more often traveling.


TIP #4 Be flexible

There are many websites offering cheap flights, bus deals, hostel and hotel discounts, etc. If you’re flexible enough, you can get AMAZING deals all over the world.

By checking these deals out, you can get unique chances to start traveling more often without spending much more.

A mistake many people make when planning their travels is starting with too many expectations. Of course, if your one and the only preferred destination is Greece, from 8th until 15th of June, with direct mid-day flights only, you’re in a pickle.

As soon as you get more flexible with the dates, airports or even countries – you get a lot more chances to travel often and explore more.

These cheap deals can also give you chances you never really dreamed of and can absolutely surprise you.


TIP #5 Get a flexible or travel related job

If you’re up for some more radical changes in your life, it’s time to consider getting a more flexible or travel related job!

I’ll make sure to cover this in more detail in another post but here you can get an insight into 10 digital nomad income ideas that let you travel and live abroad full-time.

If your current job position is laptop-based as well, you can consider working for your or another company remotely.

Or you can opt-in for finding a job that requests you to travel often. Like flight attendant, tour guide or similar.


TIP #6 Travel as a volunteer or Au Pair

When I was 19, I lived in Naples for several months as an Au Pair. That’s where the travel bug bit me and I knew I want to be doing this forever.

Au Pairing or volunteering abroad is an amazing way to travel more often, especially, if you have the flexibility to spare a time for this.

I’ve also been a volunteer in European project in Poland. It not only gave me a chance to travel more but also gave an insight in many other cultures since I was living in one house with many other volunteers!

Both of these experiences have been unbelievable and I wouldn’t change them for a thing!

But yet again it’s a matter of getting over your own fears and doubts. If you want to go for this option, check out your chances and find a way to make it happen.


Traveling is not a luxury anymore. And anyone who is brave enough to take chances and adjust to the options CAN travel. It’s time to shift your mindset and understand that all you need to start traveling more often is finding the option that suits the best for you and going for it!


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