Ideas for dealing with post-travel blues

Ideas for dealing with post-travel depression

You’ve been traveling for a while, whether it was an extended vacation, backpacking, living abroad or a gap year. How to deal with post-travel blues now, that you’re back home? Here are some tips and ideas!

I’ve been a digital nomad – traveling while working on the road – for several years. And while I do live abroad often and travel a lot, I’ve also had some periods of time when I had to get stuck back home and when post-travel blues feeling hit me hard.

While I don’t think there’s any magical cure that’ll make all your sadness go away, there still are some things that’ll let you cope with this feeling more easily.


About after-travel depression

Most of the eager travelers know this feeling way too good. The feeling of getting back home and just hating it.

Post-travel blues (or after-travel depression, whatever you prefer) occurs when after an exciting adventure or an amazing vacation you get sucked back into your daily life.

Whether it’s a job you don’t particularly like, living in your old apartment (or moving for a temporary but longer than usual stay with your parents). Maybe it’s the depressing weather or same-old streets that do not make you feel so welcomed anymore.

Suddenly, there are no fun nights out with people you met just a few hours ago. There are no heartfelt conversations with strangers. No kindness everywhere you go. No first-time feelings of seeing or experiencing something for the very first time. No new cultures or surprising discoveries.

Literally, there is no more excitement.

And it can occur in many different occasions. Sometimes, even a weekend getaway can get you into these feels.

No matter where you’re from, getting back home – and maybe even being obligated to stay there – can be

If you’re feeling post-travel blues or know – it’s coming, here are a few tips on how to deal with it.


Ideas for dealing with post-travel depression
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Ideas for dealing with post-travel blues

TIP #1 Plan the next trip

No matter how long ahead this might be, you can start planning your next trip right away. This will take your mind off your current situation and let you focus on the future.

Check out the plane tickets, book an apartment, see where you can go and what you can see.

Some people even have a hobby of creating trip itineraries they might take, sooner or later, and collect them.

You can also help a friend to plan their trip and be helpful in online forums like Facebook groups where you can help others with your experience in knowledge.

If you’re lacking funds to start planning your next travel right away, make sure to check out tips on how to save money for traveling.


TIP #2 Review your daily routines

Post-travel blues might kick in because you know you’re up for the same old daily routine. So it’s time to review your routines and turn them around!

There are many simple things you can change in your daily life:

  • Rearrange your furniture;
  • Clean out your house from all you don’t need anymore;
  • Choose another route to your job or get a bike;
  • Add new interior elements in your place;
  • Choose lunch places you’ve never been to
  • Meet friends you haven’t met in a long time


TIP #3 Enjoy places around you

Becoming a tourist in your own country or city might sound like a silly advice but it totally works!

Plan weekend getaways with your family or friends, go the routes you’ve never been to, explore new spots in the city or nature.

The feeling of the excitement will come back and you’ll see your surroundings in a completely different light which will give you a new perspective and, hopefully, a dose of new inspiration!


TIP #4 Get in tourist groups

To take your visits to your own country one step further, enjoy the real being of the tourist and actually join tourist groups.

Most big cities offer things like free walking tours or tours for a small fee to most of the must-sees. It’s a great way to feel like you’re on the road again.

Besides that, hearing another language around you, seeing the wanderlust in the faces around you will be a very nice feeling!


TIP #5 Use Couchsurfing to bring the world to you

One of my favorite ways on how to deal with post-travel blues is with Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is a platform that lets you find a free accommodation all over the world from locals – offering their couches to you for free.

There are no specific requirements to participate and the platform is fully community-based. People choose to host others in their homes because of various reasons, for example:

  • They want to explore the world from the comfort of their home
  • They love hearing other travel stories
  • They want to meet new people from all over the world
  • They are eager to learn about new cultures

I’ve used Couchsurfing myself when traveling abroad, both alone and with friends. I truly stand by the fact that it’s a nice community with many great people. To stay out of trouble, it’s important to read host reviews and stay only with trustful people.

So here’s another way to deal with post-travel blues – become a CS host! Once again, there are no specific requirements to do so.

You can offer your couch, a mattress, even a separate room or an apartment if you have one by a chance.

This gives the option to meet MANY amazing people you might stay friends with even after they’d leave (a true story!). It’d give you a chance to learn more about different cultures. And sometimes even taste their traditional foods – if you’re kind enough and they decide to offer you a homemade meal.


TIP #6 Find someone to daydream with

Some of my best friends are just as huge travel junkies as I am. Whenever we meet, we can talk about traveling FOR HOURS, and it helps!

If possible, meet a friend you have this passion common with. You can also use forums like the same Couchsurfing or Facebook to meet likeminded people in your region.

Various Facebook groups offer the option to find people around you who are either traveling there or living for a long-term and it can be a great way to get yourself out of the rut.

Besides the option to daydream about your past or future travels, people with common interests like yours can also support and understand you better regarding your post-travel blues.

TIP #7 Move to another country and start it fresh

While this might seem like a very radical tip on dealing with post-travel blues, very often it actually makes sense.

For some people, any travel experience can be a huge eye-opener.

If this was your first encounter with very different kind of culture or any kind of a first big trip, you might feel like THAT world out there is what gets you going.

And while we might say “it’s just an after-travel depression”, it can also be a sign of a necessary CHANGES.

Moving to another country for a while or living abroad long-term can be achieved in many different ways and it’s not only in movies where people do that. These days, our borders are rather open and there are always many chances to move abroad.

Some might consider studying. For example, countries like Denmark offer FREE studies for EU citizens. In other countries, there are scholarships you can sign up for.

Others can apply for work visas. For example, in New Zealand, there is a popular working holiday visa you can get until you’re 30.

And there are A LOT more options to consider if you’re really looking into it.


After all, remember that you always have a chance to change things up, go on another trip, move to another country or just change your daily life if that’s what you might need. Post-travel blues is a real thing and let’s not be ignorant about it!

Are you experiencing post-travel blues? What are your favorite ways to cope with that?


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