Favorite cities in Europe I love returning to

Favorite cities in Europe I keep coming back to

Some of the biggest dilemmas with full-time traveling is “where to next?!” and I have a bad habit of returning to places I’ve already been to instead of traveling someplace new. So let’s see which are my favorite cities in Europe I love returning to.

I get emotionally attached to most of the places I’ve been to and, especially, to places I’ve lived in for a while.

And this emotional attachment doesn’t end at just “this was nice, let’s do this again!” It goes a lot further and comes to a point when my heart aches if I can’t visit or live there again. It’s brutal. It’s painful. And while it might sound like an exaggeration, no soul crying is good.

So I keep coming back to my favorite cities in Europe. What are they and what made me love them SO much? Let’s take a look!

Favorite cities in Europe I love returning to

My favorite cities in Europe

CITY #1 Rome

Oh, Rome. I had a luck of living in Rome back in the spring of 2014. After being an Au Pair in Naples, I just decided to try my luck in Rome and move there. Find a local job, learn some Italian, find a place to live.

While my dream didn’t last for long – I lived in Rome for several months only – it was worth every second of it. Absolutely!

Ever since living there, I adore the place more than anything else. I might not want to move there anymore but being there just makes my heart all thingly and stuff.

Favorite cities in Europe I love returning to

What are the best features of Rome?

The charm. The city has its charm that you can discover only after spending a longer time there or going really behind the scenes.

While tourist attractions are magnificent, for sure, the best features of Rome are hidden where most tourists never look. It’s in the lives of the locals, their traditions. It’s in local meals, wines, olives. It’s in the smallest and oldest streets of the city. In the Roman nights…

Must-visit spots in Rome

  • I’ve lived in San Lorenzo area where no tourist usually comes. It’s a student kind of a district – located near the university and full of rather cheap and fun bars, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants. It’s one of my favorite spots, for sure.
  • Then there’s Trastevere – an artistic area on the other side of the river that has a local craft market, tons of ice cream spots and magnificent places to eat. Absolutely worth going for!


CITY #2 Split

Split getting so close to my heart came as a surprise to myself. So far, Split has become the spot where I have lived abroad for the longest time – maybe that’s one of the reasons.

It was the convenience of the city, closeness to the sea and other rather usual factors that made me fall in love with the place. While it might not be THE city to visit in Europe, I loved how much I felt like HOME there. And if I’d have to choose one city to live in for the rest of my life right now, I’d opt in for Split.

Favorite cities in Europe - Split

What are the best features of Split?

Some of my favorites include the fact that the city is rather small so you have the chance to walk anywhere you need. While I was living around 3 km from the city center, I still walked there often, I had big shops nearby, the seaside on the other side. My area had bars, pharmacies, bakeries, even hospitals right nearby. It really felt convenient.

Besides that, it’s the nature, for sure. While most of the city is pretty casual and nothing WOW, the nature all around it was really, really stunning. The sea, mountains, forests… BEAUTIFUL!

Must-visit spots in Split

  • It’s definitely the Žnjan beach. And the nice coffee, pancake and kebab places there. A great place for a morning run, mid-day coffee and nightly entertainment.


CITY #3 Berlin

Berlin is yet another love affair of mine when it comes to my favorite cities in Europe.

I ADORE Berlin. It is hard to pinpoint one thing or anything really specific but whenever I get there, I just feel like it was absolutely worth it, and I already start planning my next trip, checking out the next places to go and just being totally ready.

Favorite cities in Europe - Berlin

What are the best features of Berlin?

This city really has it all. It’s full of culture, history, fun spots to visit, great places to eat, it’s packed with different cultures and a variety of people. Usually, when I visit Berlin, I feel like I’m in the metropolis of the cultures.

I’m pretty sure that whatever you’re looking for – Berlin has it ready and good to go.

Besides that, so far I’ve had one of the all-time-best Booking experience in Berlin and both apartments I’ve stayed in were adorable, in great locations for an amazing price and gave THAT Berlin feeling many of us are searching there.



Must-visit spots in Berlin

  • In the last time, I had an option to stay in Kreuzberg that became my favorite area of Berlin really fast. It has a nice vibe, many great places to eat and great party spots. The area felt very welcoming.
  • Then there’s Oranienstraße – a street full of the coolest spots to hang out.


CITY #4 Naples

This summer will be my second visit to Naples after I lived there as an Au Pair and I can’t share enough how crazy excited I am!

This city is the home of the chaos and I LOVE it. I’ve seen and met some of the craziest Italians in Naples. They have amazing parties. And while the city might seem messy and rarely anything will work as you planned, it’s SO NICE to immerse in their craziness.

Favorite cities in Europe - Naples

What are the best features of Naples?

The pace of life, the chaos, the combination of being crazy and absolutely enjoying it. The passion that’s in the air is insane.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Pizza. Neapolitans know how to make a good pizza and there are tons of amazing spots where you can get the best pizza ever for crazy cheap prices.

Must-visit spots in Naples

  • Quartieri Spagnoli – Spanish quarters – is one of the most alive places of the city. And while locals don’t suggest wandering there without a reason and knowing where you’re at, I really like it!!
  • Via Possilipo is another place I like. While it’s just a street by the sea leading to nothing very specific, it’s a lovely district to wonder. Notice tho that you’ll have to go uphill. Afterward, you can go up and take the way down on Via Alessandro Manzoni. Lovely views and local life insights!


CITY #5 Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the only cold spot in Europe that I have listed here. Why?

I had a chance to live in Roskilde – near Copenhagen – for one short month. At that time, the Copenhagen’s city vibe got into me real’ deep.

What are the best features of Copenhagen?

The whole feeling of this city is so HIP. Most of the things I’ve seen are very thought-through, nice-looking, well-designed. People within the city are just cool. There is no other way to explain this. And if you’re not very used to living in a city like that, it can be a nice turning point.

Besides that, Copenhagen definitely has tons to offer! It’s also rather expensive and, quite likely, is the most expensive place on this list. But absolutely worth, at least, a visit!

Must-visit spots in Copenhagen

  • Nyhavn is a street by the harbor and it’s ADORABLE. There are bars, coffee shops and restaurants all around and the view is magnificent. If you happen to be the in the summertime – make sure to give it a go.


Other of my favorite cities in Europe I love returning to…

…Tallinn! While it’s located in Estonia, the neighbors of my home country, Tallinn is a great place to visit for a quick change. There are many amazing food spots, beautiful city to visit and many things about this place really are enjoyable.
…Toulouse! I’ve never gotten back to it YET but it was THE discovery of our Eurotrip. We found ourselves in Toulouse just because we needed another stop in our way and none of us knew anything about it. Well, here’s the truth – it is AMAZING. Very fun to be in, amazingly beautiful, with fantastic people and just… all you might need.
…Wroclaw! I’m not a big fan of Poland in general but Wroclaw was an exciting turn of events. Once again, I have to repeat myself by saying that it was beautiful, had many nice spots to catch a break and felt very welcoming!


That’s it for this time but something makes me pretty sure that I’ll be adding even more cities to this list very soon…

What are your favorite cities in Europe to get back to?!


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