The most time-worthy neighborhoods in Berlin, Germany

The best neighborhoods in Berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. It really has it all: the culture, foods, both budget-friendly and exclusive sights and places. But which ones are the best neighborhoods in Berlin to live, eat and party?!


First of all, keep in mind that Berlin is BIG. Even if you manage to be in a great neighborhood, you might need to walk more than you can imagine to get to the good stuff. (That’s why renting bikes in Berlin is an amazing solution.)

Also, all neighborhoods have many great things to offer, be it food, sights, people. You just need to know where to search for it. And that’s where this guide comes in!

A quick disclaimer tho: While I’ve visited many great places all over Berlin, I definitely haven’t managed to discover ALL the best spots. Therefore, take this post as a suggestion but not as the one and only right answer to the question “Which are the best neighborhoods in Berlin?”

The best neighborhoods in Berlin: to live

  • Kreuzberg
  • Charlottenburg
  • Neukolln

The best neighborhoods in Berlin: to eat

  • Kreuzberg
  • Wedding
  • Oranienstraße (part of Kreuzberg)
  • Friedrichshain

The best neighborhoods in Berlin: for sights

  • Tiergarten
  • Kollwitzkiez

The best neighborhoods in Berlin

The best neighborhoods in Berlin


So far this is my favorite neighborhood to live in Berlin. It’s funky, full of life, full of bars, restaurants, fast-food spots and rather close to any tourist attraction.

Kreuzberg is not touristy at all so you’ll feel a good local vibe. There are no specific tourist attractions in the district but it’s a brisk walk to anywhere you might need to get. 

Besides that, on Friday and Saturday evenings, this is one of the best areas to find a fun nightlife. You might need to get some local advice to find the best spots since most of them are not easily noticeable but are absolutely worth it.

What not to miss in Kreuzberg:

  • Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap – not only one of the best kebabs in the district but also one of the best ones in Berlin and, who knows, maybe even further… Is it the best EVER? You’ll need to stand in a decent line, day or night, to find it out.
  • Que pasa Mexicana – a Mexican restaurant with a fresh baked nachos and CRAZY CHEAP and insanely delicious cocktails – 4 euros for a decent glass of a good alcohol. Worth a visit!
  • #HASHTAG Coffee Shop – a very lovely coffee shop in a rather simple district of offices and apartment buildings. Great for nomads to work in!


This is one of the busiest parts of the city. While it’s not the center of Berlin, it definitely feels like one.

In Charlottenburg, you need to walk long distances from one great spot to another but you can be sure it’ll be worth your time. 

It’s a great district where to find a nice combo of shopping, foods, rentals. It’s also very well connected with the rest of the city. There are metro route as well as many buses passing by.

What not to miss in Charlottenburg:

  • Wilmersdorfer Arcaden – while it’s just a shopping center, it’s modern and well worth a visit.
  • Hard Rock Cafe Berlin – even if visiting a Hard Rock cafe might not be on your bucket list, it’s still a nice place to have a bit of an overpriced drink, sit in a good company and maybe run into a live music concert



Wedding feels like a whole different part of Berlin.

It’s full of immigrant families from all over the world and it gives a very nice charm to this part. Like you’re in Berlin but also not really.

It has many good and cheap food options, combining fast-food spots with some more local restaurants. It’s an affordable district and it’ll be easy to eat on a budget as well.

Wedding is convenient – while it’s far from the main attractions and will take a good hour or more to get to the center by foot, there are many great spots to enjoy and you can also take a bus or metro to more central places.

Besides that, you’ll manage to meet only a bit of other tourists and, quite likely, get a chance to live in a beautiful building because they’re all over the place!

What not to miss in Wedding: 

  • Leopoldplatz – it is the place for farmer’s markets and antique sellers in Wedding, especially occupied in the summertime!
  • Mastul –  a cozy bar to grab a drink or two

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It’s actually what you think it might be – garten, as in, garden. It’s a huge park of… park things.

In the summertime and anytime when it’s rather sunny and nice outdoors, Tiergarten is full with people enjoying picnics, taking brakes from their days, whether it’s for an hour or the whole day long.

It’s definitely nice for a long walk and relaxing!

  • Parliament building – it’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s worth checking out! While I’m not into sightseeing, sitting in a park with a view of Parliament building IS pretty nice.
  • Brandenburg Gate – something you’ll find in ALL of the tourist guides. I couldn’t stand out and not to mention it…



Friedrichshain combines a good dose of a culture, history and food so it is a very dear place to stay for visitors.

A part of this district feels too industrial for my taste. For miles, all you can see and find are new business buildings, hotels or factories.

But once you step into the busy part of the city, it’s full of sights, fun, great places to eat. Follow the trail of the S Bahn to find the goodies!

What not to miss in Friedrichshain:

  • Burgeramt – an amazing atmosphere & great food!


Are any other areas of Berlin any good? YES! As said, wherever you go, you can find great spots to live, eat, party and do some sightseeing. Very often it’s just a matter of the research and some longer walks.

Going to Berlin anytime soon? Let me know if you have any questions!



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