How I decided to start writing a travel blog

How I decided to start traveling

I have a 3+ year background of serious blogging on The Random Passion project – resource and inspiration guide for those who want to be location independent and earn they income online. How it comes that now I’ve decided to start writing a travel blog? 


First, let’s meet!

My name is Ieva and I’m a freelance graphic designer, full-time blogger and online course creator from Latvia. I’m a passionate digital nomad – traveling while working on the road. And the idea of location independent lifestyle is what I stand for.

My very first serious blog was The Random Passion project – it’s still active and out there, helping others to inspire their location independent journeys.

Recently, I also started a new journey – Course Creation Guide – focusing on online course creation and really giving an in-depth info for those who want to make their own courses.

And in this post, I’m here to share more on how I decided to start writing a travel blog!

How I decided to start writing a travel blog

The background story of my travels

I started traveling alone when I was 18. Not because of the “yes, finally 18!!” but because of the opportunities that presented themselves.

The first big adventure was a road trip with people I didn’t know that I signed up for on Twitter. Absolutely unofficial, four friend (plus me) road trip – they just needed one more person to split the costs with. And I was eager to grab the option!

Soon afterward, I left my first semester of studying to start my journey of being an Au Pair in Italy, Naples. It was an INCREDIBLE experience that changed my whole life. Until this day, I still stand by the idea that you have to take chances like these.

Afterward, with no money and no plan, I decided to move to Rome. That’s where I got a random job, started scraping some pennies for further survival only to realize that this will never work out for me right now, right here.

Inbetween times there was a living (and potential studying) in Denmark, volunteering in Poland and more travels with friends.

All of this happened in around 2 years time. And afterward, I started searching for some options to earn income so I can travel consistently.  


Getting into the world of online income

My getting into freelancing was pretty much an accident and this is not what this post is all about. You can read a bit more about my background in How to start a new career online post.

The main point is the fact that I realized – I CAN travel and earn consistent income without working in random jobs but actually doing what I love.

That’s when I discovered terms like freelancing, digital nomadism and location independence – and instantly fell in love with them.

Ever since I was 19, I’ve been working online and successfully managed to grow my income to a level where I really can travel and live abroad full time (not that many years later).


How I decided to start writing a travel blog

To be honest, this was long into making.

It’s already obvious that I’ve been into traveling for years and I have tons of stories to share. But since I was just growing my first online business, I never really found any time to spare some time for travel blogging.

The thing is, I never saw travel blogging as profitable as the other niche I’m in.

Now I’ve let go of the idea to make this profitable and I’m here to finally just SHARE.

I have tons of tips and tricks, tons of stories, and I love diving deep into travel planning, hacking the best ways to move, to live abroad, to experience other cultures.

That’s what I’m here for!


Before you go…

If you’re curious to learn more about ways to earn income online, make sure to check out The Random Passion project. But if you’re eager to get some travel inspiration from me, I hope you’re here to stay!


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